Submissions from 2016


Growing the Asset Management Franchise: Evidence from Hedge Fund Firms, William FUNG, David HSIEH, Narayan NAIK, and Melvyn TEO

Encouraging the rise of fan publics: Bridging strategy to understand fan publics’ positive communicative actions, Arunima Krishna and Soojin KIM


Do Underwriters Compete in IPO Pricing?, Evgeny LYANDRES, Fangjian FU, and Erica Xuenan LI

Submissions from 2015

Why Study Finance - A Professor’s Perspective, David K. DING

Active Investors or Myopic Traders? The Role of Institutional Investors during a Merger Wave, Chang Hyun KIM and Richard A. Bettis

Calling Dr. Jekyll, not Mr. Hyde: Effects of Bridging Strategy on Relational Outcomes, Perceptions and Supportive Communication Behaviors by Staunch and Hostile Publics, Soojin KIM, Arunima Krishna, and Jeong-Nam Kim


Voice and culture: A prospect theory approach, Elizabeth Layne PADDOCK, J. Ko, R. Cropanzano, J. Bagger, A. El Aklemi, J. Camerman, Gary John GREGURAS, A. Mladinic, K. Nam, and K. Tornblom


The unburdening effects of forgiveness: Effects on slant perception and jumping height, Xue Zheng, Ryan Fehr, Kenneth TAI, and Jayanth Narayanan

Submissions from 2014

Asymptotic Optimality of (r,Q) Inventory System in a stochastic parallel processing environment, Marcus ANG, K Sigman, J.S. Song, and H. Zhang

Self-construal and the Reliance on Feelings in Judgments and Decisions, Hanwen Hannah CHANG and Jiewen Hong

Market-Oriented Institutional Change and R&D Investments: Do Business Groups Enhance Advantage?, Y.R. Choi, Toru YOSHIKAWA, S.A. Zhra, and H. Han

Under Review: Starting Up Reputations In Emerging Asian Markets, Mark Chong and Jurrien Gregor Halff

A Comparative Analysis of Interactional Justice and Directors’ Behaviors, E. Del Brio, R.M. Hernandez Maestro, and Toru YOSHIKAWA

Collaboration imprint in creativity and innovation driven temporary projects, Terence Ping Ching FAN and Xuesong GENG

Learning to innovate for commercial gains: The effects of timing of experience in developing Facebook applications, Terence Ping Ching FAN and Xuesong GENG

Leveraging Competing Institutional Logics in the Adoption of Stock Option Pay, Xuesong GENG, Toru YOSHIKAWA, and A. M. Colpan


The impact of gains and losses on homeowner decisions, Dong HONG, Roger Loh, and Mitch Warachka

Inversing the power: Patterns of resource construction through bricolage, Ruey-Lin Hsiao, Sue-Hwa Ou, and Yun SU

Forecasting Stock Returns During Good and Bad Times, Dashan Huang, Fuwei JIANG, Jun TU, and Guofu Zhou

Firm Diversification and Innovation in an Emerging Economy: Evidence from Patenting Activities by Chinese Firms, Kenneth Guang-Lih HUANG and Cyndi Man ZHANG


Building Further on the Situational Theory of Publics: Theoretical Evolution to Situational Theory of Problem Solving and Future Research, Jeong-Nam Kim, Nohil Park, and Soojin KIM

Segmentation: Health campaigns, Jeong-Nam Kim, Laishan Tam, and Soojin KIM

It's the Journey that Matters: The Effects of Feelings of Movement Toward a Goal on Reward Value, Jongmin KIM, Nathan Novemsky, and Ravi Dhar

The Unanticipated Negative Effects of Gift-wrapping, Jongmin KIM, Nathan Novemsky, and Ravi Dhar

Persuasion under the Radar: How Question Wording Affects Preferences, Jongmin KIM, Nathan Novemsky, Jing Wang, and Ravi Dhar


New Media and Public Relations, Soojin KIM

Corporate communication strategies to corporate sustainability, Soojin KIM, Jeong-Nam Kim, and Arunima Krishna

Board Monitoring of Innovation: A Contingency Model, P. Klarner and Toru Yoshikawa

Towards a Temporal Theory of Board Attention to Corporate Growth Initiatives, P. Klarner, Toru YOSHIKAWA, and M. Hitt

Market Structure and Growth Potential of Singapore REITs, Cher Chiew Francis Koh, Kuo Chuen Lee, Kok Fai Phoon, and Ee Seng Seah

Singapore's Financial Market: Challenges and Future Prospects, Kuo Chuen Lee and Kok Fai Phoon


On the flow-performance relations among delegated institutional portfolios, Xi Li, Tong Yao, and Zhe Zhang

Concurrent Effects of Top-Down and Bottom-Up Processes on Justice Climate, Burak OC, Michael Ramsay Bashshur, and Elizabeth Layne Paddock

Perceptions of managers’ workplace aggression: Accounting for employees’ self-esteem and gendered context., M. ONG, Elizabeth Layne PADDOCK, and G.D. WEBSTER

Consumer Choice in Price-Free Situations, Seshan RAMASWAMI

Performance Decline, Political Connections, and Institutional Factors: A Multi-Country Analysis, A. Rasheed, Toru YOSHIKAWA, and E. Del Brio

Integrating public relations into corporate diplomacy: Application of the relationship principles, Laishan Tam and Soojin KIM

Securing the Future of Management Education: Competitive Destruction or Constructive Innovation?, Howard Thomas; Pui Yee, Michelle Lee; Lynne Thomas; and Alexander Wilson

PRIX Global Alliance Award Presentation on Boosting Babies: Singapore's Drive To Raise Birth Rates, Susheela A VARGHESE

The Brief Aggression Questionnaire: Reliability, validity, and structure, G.D, WEBSTER; C.N. DEWALL; R,S, POND; T. DECKMAN; P.K. JONASON; B.M. Le; A.L. NICHOLS; T.O. SCHEMBER; Elizabeth Layne Paddock; and et al.

The Discounted Pricing Problem from a Newsvendor's Perspective and the Role of (Manufacturer) Suggested Retail Prices, Kwan Eng WEE and N. Petruzzi

Involuntary Executive Turnover as Trust Repair toward Stakeholders after Goal Non-Achievement, J. Yamanoi, Toru YOSHIKAWA, and H. Aoki

When Trust Matters More to Host Country Nationals’ Knowledge Sharing with Expatriates, Sachiko Yamao and Toru Yoshikawa

Politicians in the Boardroom: A Multi-Country Analysis. , Toru Yoshikawa, Esther Del Brio, and Abdul Rasheed

How Managerial Power and Information Quality Shape the Impact of Board Ties on the Adoption of Stock Option Pay, Toru Yoshikawa, Jung Wook Shim, and Anja Tuschke

Board Interlocks and the Adoption of Board Reform in Family Firms, Toru YOSHIKAWA and J.W. Shim

How Managerial Power and Information Quality Shape the Impact of Board Ties on the Adoption of Stock Option Pay, Toru YOSHIKAWA, J.W. Shim, and Anja Tusckhe

Chief Human Resources Officers: The Elevation of Human Capital Management to Top Management Teams, Toru Yoshikawa and Richard Raymond Smith


Merchant Management of Electricity Surpluses: Storage vs. Disposal, Yangfang ZHOU, Alan Scheller-Wolf, Nicola Secomandi, and Stephen Smith

Submissions from 2013


Uncovering Hedge Fund Skill from the Portfolio Holdings They Hide, Vikas Agarwal, Wei Jiang, Yuehua TANG, and Baozhong Yang


Mandatory Portfolio Disclosure, Stock Liquidity, and Mutual Fund Performance, Vikas Agarwal, Kevin Mullally, Yuehua TANG, and Baozhong Yang


How Does Size Affect Mutual Fund Performance? Evidence from Mutual Fund Trades, Jeffrey Busse, Tarun Chordia, Lei Jiang, and Yuehua TANG

Institutions and Geography of innovation: A Study of Innovative Outputs of MNEs and Domestic firms in China, Xuesong Geng, Kenneth Guang-Lih Huang, and Heli Wang

Institutional Regime Shift in Intellectual Property Rights and Patenting Strategies of Firms in China, Kenneth Guang-Lih Huang, Xuesong Geng, and Heli Wang

Institutional Regime Shift in Intellectual Property Rights and Patenting Strategies of Firms in China, Kenneth Guang-Lih HUANG, Xuesong GENG, and Heli WANG

It's the Journey that Matters: The Effects of Feelings of Movement Toward a Goal on Reward Value, Jongmin KIM, Nathan Novemsky, and Ravi Dhar

Bridging and buffering: Understanding two paradigms of public relations strategies, Soojin KIM and Jeong-Nam Kim


Portfolio Manager Ownership and Mutual Fund Risk Taking, Linlin Ma and Yuehua TANG


Portfolio Manager Compensation in the U.S. Mutual Fund Industry, Linlin Ma, Yuehua TANG, and Juan-Pedro Gomez

Substitutes or complements? A configurational examination of corporate governance mechanisms, Vilmos F. Misangyi and Abhijith Geethakrishna ACHARYA

WFII - defining the concept, Elizabeth Layne PADDOCK and Chi-Ying CHENG

Work-Family and Identity Integration, Elizabeth Layne PADDOCK and Chi-Ying CHENG

Managing justly and behaving creatively., Elizabeth Layne PADDOCK and Serena LU

Rent appropriation of knowledge assets and firm performance in weak institutions, Cuili Qian, Heli WANG, and Xuesong GENG

Corporate social responsibility and employee engagement: The role of self-autonomy and individualism., Deborah E. RUPP, Ruodan SHAO, Elizabeth Layne PADDOCK, Tae-Yeol KIM, and Thierry NADISIC

Employees’ Turnover Intentions Affiliated with Interpersonal Injustice: The Moderating Role of Corporate Social Responsibility and Collectivism., Deborah E. RUPP, Ruodan SHAO, Elizabeth Layne PADDOCK, and Thierry NADISIC

Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Engagement: The Moderating Role of Self-Determination and Individualism, D.E. RUPP, R. SHAO, D. SKARLICKI, Elizabeth Layne PADDOCK, T.Y. KIM, and T. NADISIC


Leverage and Liquidity: Evidence from the Closed-End Fund Industry, Yuehua TANG


Why Do Hedge Funds Avoid Disclosure?, Yuehua TANG


Distribution Channel Structure for Competing Supply Chains with Price and Lead-Time Sensitive Demand, Zhengping WU, G. Lucy Chen, and Jihong Ou

Submissions from 2012

Frames that fit: The role of sociopolitics in the adoption of organizational practices, Ken Chung and Yun SU


Revenue Optimization in Live Television Broadcasting, Pascale CRAMA, Ajay Srinivasan Aravamudhan, and Dana POPESCU

Learning to develop more successful creative projects: A specialist/trans-specialist perspective, Terence Ping Ching FAN and Xuesong GENG

Learning to write killer apps? A system-wide perspective in Facebook, Terence Ping Ching FAN and Xuesong GENG

Learning to Write Killer Apps? A System-wide Perspective in Facebook, Terence Ping Ching FAN and Xuesong GENG

Transnational Intellectual Property Strategies and Firms’ Knowledge Adoption: Evidence from China-U.S. Patent Dyads, Kenneth Guang-Lih HUANG and Jiatao Li


SAGE Brief Guide to Corporate Social Responsibility, Soojin KIM

Dealing with chronic activists: Mutual gains approach for environmental conflict, Soojin KIM, Jeong-Nam Kim, and Gwang Tae Kim

Generic health interest and situation-specific information behaviors: Testing joint effects of health information orientation and situational perceptional influence on active communication behaviors about the GMO food issue, Soojin KIM, Jeong-Nam Kim, and Soo Yun Kim

Mediating effects of quality organization-employee relationships on employees' turnover intention, Soojin KIM, Kelly Vibber, and Jeong-Nam Kim

Substitutes or Complements? A Configurational Approach to Examining the Bundle of Governance Mechanisms, Vilmos F. Misangyi and Abhijith Geethakrishna ACHARYA

The Attributes of Attributes, Seshan RAMASWAMI

The Attributes of Attributes, Seshan RAMASWAMI


Informal Banking and Early International Entrepreneurs: The Case of the Chettiars, Jayarani TAN and Wee Liang TAN

The Effect of Innovation Potential on Marketing Strategy, Martha Myslinski TIPTON and Sundar Bharadwaj


When Do Board Interlocks Matter? The Adoption of Share Buyback and Stock Option Pay in Japanese Firms, Toru YOSHIKAWA and J.W. Shim


The Effect of the Board’s Human and Social Capital on Firm Performance: A Comparative Institutional Analysis, Toru YOSHIKAWA and Anja Tuschke

Submissions from 2011


Creative performance in voluntary collaborations: A micro-foundation of relation-specific competitive advantage?, Terence Ping Ching FAN and Duncan Robertson

Relationship history and its effects on publics' perceptions and communication in two types of public relations situations, Jeong-Nam Kim, Soojin KIM, and Yura Jung

Conceptual evolution of situational theory as a generalized theory in public relations, Soojin KIM and Kelly Vibber

Digitisation and its impacts on publics: The role of digitisation on public knowledge and civic conversation, Alessandro Lovari, Soojin KIM, Kelly Vibber, and Jeong-Nam Kim

Multiple Stakeholder Involvement in Sustainability Policy: Interated Governance Mechanism, Sudhindra SESHADRI


Sustainability Collaboration: Integrated multiple stakeholder contracts, Sudhindra SESHADRI and Michael Ehret

Tapping into Twitter: The hows and whys of Twitter usage and what it means for PR, Kelly Vibber and Soojin KIM

Submissions from 2010


Managing Capacitated Multiechelon Systems with Domain-Optimal Policies, Alexandar ANGELUS and Wanshan ZHU


Stock Returns on Option Expiration Dates, Chin-Han CHIANG


Factors influencing the use of social media in learning: A case of Wikipedia., Siyoung CHUNG


Impact of Macroeconomic News Surprises on Interest Rate Swap Spreads, V. Fang, C.T. Lin, and Kok Fai PHOON


International Business Travel in the Global Economy, J.V. Beaverstock, B. Derudder, J. Faulconbridge, F. Witlox (Eds.) [book review], Terence Ping Ching FAN


Rethinking growth: Differential impact of large absolute vs relative expansion in de novo ventures, Terence Ping Ching FAN