The Demand for Finance PhD's: 1989-1998

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This study provides an understanding of the new hire market for holders of a finance doctorate. It centers on the demand side over ten years from 1989 to 1998. We focus on the Top 20, Top 21-50, and Other Finance Departments that make up an important and hefty part of the overall new hire market in finance. We explore the various determinants that constitute the demand of finance doctorates and find that, generally, there is a greater demand for assistant professors than at other levels. It is interesting to note that there are more schools that do not specify a position as tenure-tracked than those that do. While there is no clear trend in the types of position available (tenure-track or otherwise) there is weak evidence to suggest that tenure-tracked positions have slowly been on the rise in recent years. Most institutions require an earned Ph.D. for their openings. The four most desired areas of expertise are corporate/business finance, investments, bank management/financial markets...



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Financial Management Association International Conference, Seattle, October 2000

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Seattle, WA, USA


See article http://ink.library.smu.edu.sg/lkcsb_research/1173/

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