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Contents: We, the Citizens of Singapore by Priscilla Chia, Trenton James Riggs; Birth of a Nation: Ways of Celebrating by Celine Alexandra Fogde, Diana Khanh Nguyen, Paul Antoine Victor, Shu Chong Chen, Teo Yi Heng; Building Cross-cultural Bridges by Vani Shriya, Timoteo Marra, Svenja Nicole Schulte, Seow Guan Wen, Niklas Miro Utrobicic; Faces and Facets of Singapore by Felix Brockerhoff, Elizabeth Fong Lin, Kevin Ng Boon Kiat, Racheal Wong Shu Yi, Tam Zhi Yang; Missing the Forest for the (Super) Trees by Nick Chiam Zhi Wen, Teo Yi Heng; Singapore: The Country Where You Cannot Chew Gum? by Felix Brockerhoff; The Singapore Palate: Are We What We Eat? by Celine Fogde, Elizabeth Fong Lin; The Singapore in Singapore Noodles by Racheal Wong Shu Yi; English, Singlish, and Feelings about Home by Elizabeth Fong Lin; An Old Community with New Arrivals by Teo Shao Wei; Perennially Peranakan? by Sharon Wong Qiao Ling; The Gurkhas: Getting Ahead Abroad by Alana Mara Dresner, Colleen Patricia Powers, Mikihiko Tachi, Tristan Neo Wei Ler, Yusuke Saeki; Marching and Giving Back by Kenny Quek Yu Wei; VIP Orchids and Soft Power by Teo Shao Wei, Colleen Powers; Meritocracy, Inequality and the Global War for Talent by Damien Chng; Treating Drugs Softly? by Damien Chng, Alana Dresner, Alexandre Maillard; ‘Finnishing’ Schooling by Jannika Christine Andersson, Lu Hsueh-Hsin, Kevin Ng Boon Kiat; Will Singapore Ever be Ready for Charlie Hebdo? by Nick Chiam Zhi Wen; Taking Creativity Seriously by Priscilla Chia; Should Casinos Have a Conscience? by Seah Kah Teik, Elgin Seah Hong Wee, Sushawn Nag, Alexandre Luc Mallard, Vikram Kandeth; The Spirit of Enterprise and Indie Businesses by Benjamin Gabriel Sew Jia Jun; Singaporean Job-hoppers and Japanese Salarymen by Timothy Ang Wei Kiat, Mikihiko Tachi; Singapore: Best Destination for Young Japanese? by Mikihiko Tachi; Owning a Home – Aspirations and Realities by Austin Vincent Mudd, Noelle Tan Rui Jia; Greening a Cityscape by Arnau Bosh Ruiz, Kenny Quek, Sharon Wong, Timothy Ang, Nicole Toh Shi Hui; Unseen but Not Unsung by Shemin Ang Qiao Ni, Jan Paul Uhlig, Nicholas Christopher Martin, Noelle Tan Rui Jia, Thng Jing Hui; Men in Black: Singaporeans at the World Cup by Matthew Chua Zhi En; Singapore’s WTO: Addressing a Basic Need by Timothy Ang Wei Kiat; The Burger Chronicles by Sushawn Nag, Vani Shriya; How Catalan Cuisine Came to Our Shore by Arnau Bosch Ruiz; Who’s Polite in Today’s World? by Alana Dresner; Are Singaporeans Happy? by Satomi Manabe; Fighting in the Red Dot by Kevin Ng Boon Kiat


National characteristics, nation building, group identity, college students, Singapore, Singapore Management University, international relations and culture


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