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This paper explores how entrepreneurs learn to improve performance in a series of innovative projects that involve more complexity than those repetitive tasks. We propose that collaborating with a specific set of partners can generate a characteristic creative mood and routine, leaving a distinctive impact on the performance of future project outcomes. Over multiple innovative endeavors, collaborating with different sets of partners helps a focal entrepreneur explore and experiment with different facets of his or her creativity, achieving a variety of outcomes. We propose to test the lasting impact of collaboration using the commercial performance of early software applications (‘apps’) developed for use in the Facebook social network medium.


imprint, innovative projects, entrepreneurs, collaboration, facebook


Strategic Management Policy | Technology and Innovation

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Strategy and Organisation


Strategic Management Society Special Conference in Rome: Strategy Challenges in the 21st Century: Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Coopetition, Italy, 2016 January 5-7


National University of Singapore

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Rome, Italy

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