Occupational interactional requirements and work-home enrichment

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We examine how occupational interactional requirements influence work-home enrichment. We identify two manifestations of work-home enrichment: through objective indicators of how employees allocate their time at home, and through perceptual reflections of employees on their work-home enrichment. We conceptualize occupational interactional requirements as restorative properties of jobs that provide employees with resources that they transfer to the home domain. In terms of objective indicators, our results indicate that employees transfer these resources by spending more time in resource depleting activities of caring for household members, and less time in resource replenishing activities of socializing and relaxing. This suggests that occupational interactional requirements facilitate reallocating time in the home domain. In terms of perceptual reflections, we observe that occupational interactional requirements spark employees’ vitality, which enriches their life at home. Our results attest to considering workplace interactions as resource replenishing features of jobs that provide benefits across work and life boundaries.


time allocation, vitality, work-home enrichment


Human Resources Management | Organizational Behavior and Theory

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Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources


Academy of Management Conference Meeting 2016, August 5-9




Academy of Management

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