Disruptive entrepreneurship versus industry regulations: What principles should govern?

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Conference Paper

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This paper explores the question from the perspectiveof policy-making and regulations - how should industry regulations be designedto accommodate the need for the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation?The policymakers are confronted with countervailing forces and arguments. Thepaper begins with a review of the literature on disruptive innovation which hasarisen because a confluence of technologies that enable digital transformationof business processes, creation of new products and services. Secondly, weexamine the impact of disruptive entrepreneurship on incumbents in ride-sharingenterprises like Uber before discussing the manner in which regulations impactsthese innovators. The paper then discusses the role of regulations in historyand observations about regulations and innovations before exploring principlesthat could possibly apply to the design of a business arena that permits theincumbents and the disrupters to coexist.


Disruptive Entrepreneurship, Regulations, Public policy


Business | Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations

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Strategy and Organisation


Rencontres de St Gall 2016, August 29-31

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St. Gallen

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