Political Connection and Post-IPO Firm Values in Singapore

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Conference Paper

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We study the effect of political connection (PC) on company value in an environment where low PC is due to better institutions and not confounded by favorable social/cultural factors. We find that in Singapore, the only country that fits this description, PC in general adds little to the value of a company. However, in industries that are subject to more stringent government regulation, PC appears to be somewhat important. Robustness checks show that alternative PC variables give rise to similar results, and the addition of control variables do not drastically change the findings. PC firms have higher managerial ownership and tend to be smaller than non-PC firms, rendering them more susceptible to poorer governance practices. We show that the presence of PC directors somewhat neutralizes such potential negative effects. PC firms are associated with good governance practices such as non-duality in their Chairman and CEO and fewer executive directors


Political connection, corporate governance, firm value, Singapore




Financial Management Association International Conference

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New York

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