Leadership with Purpose: Developing Global Leaders with High Intent

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The increased emphasis on purpose is catching on fast among the next generation of leaders across many organizational contexts, and with good reason. The economic climate has many corporate leaders and public authorities undergoing intense scrutiny. This social and personal reflection on the role and nature of leadership highlights questions related to the convictions and the overall intent of a leader. Through the presenters work with a US National Security Agency, a diversified multinational in Asia, a state-owned enterprise in Asia, and a survey1 of 197 HR executives from around the world show a similar trend towards a purposeful high intent.

It stands to reason that clarity of purpose will be central to the task of leaders successfully navigating this “perfect storm” – one filled of volatility in the economy and financial markets, escalating regulatory demands, and intensifying pressures on business profitability. In this new era, successful leaders will be those who have the courage and confidence to assume a leadership role and take responsibility to act with a conviction of purpose. Their sense of purpose gives them the ability to overcome adversity and withstand criticism. Yet today’s leader may not meet the demands necessary to rise out of this storm in the midst of volatility and uncertainty placing them under strain.


Leadership Studies | Strategic Management Policy

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Strategy and Organisation


Academy of Management 73rd Annual Meeting 2013, August 9-13

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Orlando, FL

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