The Upper Hand: Winning Strategies from World-Class Negotiators

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What does an employee attempting to get a raise have in common with a businessman in the midst of making an acquisition, a lawyer representing an accused murderer, and a diplomat seeking world peace? All are involved in the process of negotiation. Negotiation is a part of our daily life. But negotiation is also a demanding complicated process; a mixture of research, strategy psychology, tenacity, and intuition. "Upper Hand" shares that expertise by detailing the strategies that are key to negotiating successfully. Drawn from personal interviews with the world's best negotiators in the fields of business, diplomacy, law, labor, sports, and real estate, "Upper Hand" includes personal anecdotes, of both negotiating successes and failures, that make the lessons come alive. Participants included are: Former U.S. Secretary of State, James Baker; Shimon Peres, Former Israeli Prime Minister and nobel Prize Winner; Kenneth J.novack, Vice Chairman, AOL Time-Warner, Inc.; Ambassador Charlene Barshefsky, Former U.S. Trade Representative; Chrisite hefner, Chairwoman & CEO Playboy Enterprises, Inc.; and, Leigh Steinberg, Sports Agent, Steinber, Moorad and Dunn. Inc.


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