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Reconfigurable manufacturing systems (RMSs) have been used to provide manufacturing companies with the required capacities and capabilities, when needed. Recognizing (1) the importance of dynamic modeling and visualization in decision making support in RMSs and (2) the limitations of the existing studies, we model RMSs based on Petri net (PN) techniques with focus on the process of reconfiguring system elements while considering constraints and system performance. In response to the modeling difficulties identified, a new formalism of colored timed PNs is introduced. In conjunction with colored tokens and timing in colored PNs and timed PNs, we further define a reconfiguration mechanism to meet the modeling difficulties. A case study of an electronics product is reported as an application of the proposed colored timed PNs to RMS modeling.


Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems, Petri Nets, Reconfiguration Mechanism.


Operations and Supply Chain Management

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Operations Management


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