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In the Manpower Allocation Problem with Time Windows and Job-Teaming Constraints (MAPTWTC), we have a set of jobs located at various locations where each job requires a team of workers. Each job has a time window and a job duration, during which everyone on the team has to be present. The job requirement is satisfied if and only if the required composite team works for long enough duration within the job's time window. The objective of the problem is find a schedule to minimize a weighted sum of the total number of workers, the total travelling distances of all workers and their total waiting time. Two main approaches are proposed in the paper which are shown to be able to obtain very good performance.


time window, good performance, job requirement, various location, total waiting time, enough duration, weighted sum, job duration, main approach, total number, required composite team work, total travelling distance


Operations and Supply Chain Management

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Operations Management


Decision Sciences Institute Annual Meeting 2003, November 22-25

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