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Firms in the Asia Pacific region are rapidly globalizing their sourcing processes and effective collaboration with suppliers across borders is necessary for superior sourcing performance. Recent work in Resource Based View calls for business process level research into the resource-performance link and for survey research into global sourcing. We report on a survey research study with managers in the region, and develop measures that link practices to the goals of De-Constraining, Re-Branding and Re-Optimizing. We develop a model and test hypotheses based on predictions of RBV. We find that a latent sourcing resource Reform Competency is positively associated with these goals and a sourcing performance measure, Effective Collaboration. We discuss the contributions and highlight the managerial implications of our results for managers in relating specific goal structures to superior sourcing practice.


Sourcing Practices, Resource Based View, Asia Pacific Region, Structural Equations Models.


Marketing | Strategic Management Policy

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Strategy and Organisation


The author gratefully acknowledges partial support for this research from the NOL Fellowship under grant C216/MX09B001 and from Office of Research at SMU under grant 08-C207-SMU-012