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Singapore’s regionalization stratagem points increasingly towards the influence of both the sociopolitical environment and the economics of competition, in a business environment with an ever-growing number of competitors; to the extent that other forces, particularly political ones, are often sidelined. A more in-depth study of the above two influences is best performed in a context comparatively free of the implicit complex political facets but with sufficiently rich environments to challenge internationalizing firms, and distinct influences to draw pertinent conclusions from. For this purpose, the continually expanding business environments and the unique cultures of the Middle East provide the perfect context in which to further our study. With this paper we extend our research to this emerging region, and present an overview of the state of Singapore’s internationalization into the Middle East as the first step in our study; and in this study find evidence pointing towards fresh viewpoints – in several different meanings of the term – being conducive to success in the Middle East.


Internationalization, Singapore, Government-Linked Companies, GCC Countries


Asian Studies | International Business

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Strategy and Organisation


Oxford Business and Economics Conference, Oxford, 24-26 June 2009



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Oxford, UK