Tug-of-War in KM Projects: A Strategic Renewal Perspective

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Despite the numerous success stories of organizations that have responded to external and internal stimuli to become knowledge-based, a number of organizations are still struggling to achieve the proposed benefits of managing their knowledge assets. By viewing KM as a strategic renewal process and studying the impact and interaction of strategic renewal forces with KM process forces, this paper aims to understand why KM projects fail to obtain organization-wide support. We analyze the qualitative data collected from the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The case revealed that the strength of ADB’s forces that pushed it towards becoming a learning organization were insufficient to overcome the inertial forces exerted by the strategy, culture and structure of the bank. In addition, it was found that structures and processes to integrate the knowledge that was generated were inadequate. The result of these forces has left the ADB moving away from its goal of becoming a learning organization.


Knowledge Management (KM) project failure, Strategic Renewal, Institutional Theory.


Organizational Behavior and Theory

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Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources


American Conference on Information Systems AMCIS 2006 Proceedings


Americas Conference on Information Systems