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Youth empowerment refers to young people embodying their agency and capacity to make decisions and implement changes in their own lives and in wider society. At its core, it is rooted in the attitudes, cultures and structures that young people participate in within society. When youth acquire the authority and ability to envision, map, execute, critique and challenge their reality, it opens up opportunities to change the world as we know it. The materialisation of youth empowerment can lead to unparalleled social benefi ts, including reduced unemployment, poverty eradication, THE SHORT LIST More Power To Youth 6 TED Talks to Empower Young Minds lower crime, improved governance, better education, and more sustainable national growth and technological development. Since youth empowerment is not an outcome but an attitudinal, structural and cultural process, it can (like most things related to “social change”) get a little complicated. If you are an aspiring young leader or if you work with the changemakers of tomorrow, these six TED motivational talks related to youth empowerment will set you thinking, and hopefully, empower you on your journey ahead.


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