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SMU Libraries' skills development for the Library Specialists

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SMU Libraries, like most libraries, is continuously evolving as the needs and expectations of library stakeholders (from users to administrators) change. To keep pace with the changes there is an emergent need to improve the skills and knowledge base of library para-professionals (Library Specialists) in order for them to continue to contribute productively to the strategic goals of the organization, especially as related to the Libraries' Continuous Assessment and Improvement Initiatiave.

The SMU Libraries' Future Skills program is a case study on how the Library Specialists and Team Leads worked together to build a talent management program that would foster stronger team dynamics, improve levels of efficiency and service sustainability in times of disruption and continuous change through functional cross-training, job redesign, and the creation of interdepartmental work arrangements.


Capabilities Building, Manpower & Skills Development


Library and Information Science


Charleston Conference 2016, October 31 - November 5

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Charleston, SC

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