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Singapore Management University (SMU) Libraries’ learning spaces are managed on the basis of an active collaboration between students and library staff. The SMU Libraries’ experience affirms Logan’s (2012) statement that “…intelligent collaborations between librarians and students is a partnership that enhances both the library and the students” (318). Beyond this, an outcome of the partnership between SMU students and library staff has created an evidence-based learning space design and management framework and brought about learning outcomes for both students and library staff. These collaborations have strengthened competencies ranging from critical thinking, problem solving and research skills to stakeholder management, scenario planning and engagement. This paper is a case study of the student-librarian collaborations that focus on sustainability and management of the learning spaces following Library renovations. Findings of student projects undertaken by SMU students are discussed along with various other strategies adopted by librarians to demonstrate the ways in which data and evidence are used to continually assess and improve learning spaces.


Student Collaboration, Engagement, SMU-X, Library Learning Spaces, Singapore


Higher Education | Library and Information Science


IFLA World Library and Information Congress 2016: Library Building and Equipment Section, August 10-11

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