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The Li Ka Shing Library at SMU has been collaborating with SMU’s Centre for English Communication (CEC) to deliver a 1.5 hour long hands-on training for students enrolled in the Academic Writing course.

The programme has evolved from a somewhat generic library skills training programme to one that addresses the specific research and library skills needs of Academic Writing students. The programme curriculum has been gradually enhanced based primarily on an analysis of the feedback received from the students themselves, as well as from Academic Writing instructors at the CEC and the research librarians involved in the library training programme. The library training module is closely aligned to the just-in-time information needs of the students. The module is delivered in four specific themes to follow the AW curriculum as closely as possible. There is a separate activity sheet for each theme, and a separate tab on the research guide to provide students with a one-stop experience. Collaborations before, during and after the library training programme ensure that we support both the CEC and the AW students.


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