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Research data services at SMU

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In order for Singapore Management University to provide essential support to its researchers and remain competitive with peer institutions, the Li Ka Shing Library at SMU should initiate a distinct research data services function that provides, at minimum, identification and dissemination of data resources, instruction in finding and using data, and some technical assistance with the use of specialized software. In anticipation of emerging trends in data management, these base-level data services will enable SMU to be positioned for strategic growth—the progress of which is carefully aligned with limits to funding, staffing, and other resource allocations—in order to meet the inevitable increase in demand from SMU researchers and their funding partners for higher-level data management and data curation functions. Implementation of this strategic growth presents an opportunity for SMU to emerge as a national exemplar for data management. Collaborative efforts with other institutions, with established or emerging data management functions, will allow SMU to achieve international prominence in the research data community.


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