The Life Of Pi: A Paper Born in SMU: Skit on Publishing, Open Access, Research Data

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The SMU librarians performed a skit in celebration of Open Access Week. The skit entitled "The Life of Pi: A Paper Born in SMU" tells the story of an original manuscript’s journey to get accepted in a journal, finally getting published in an open access journal and depositing an appropriate version in the institutional repository. The Library also wanted the research data to be deposited. Done with Singapore flavour using some Singlish, the skit was performed on 28 October at a function for faculty in the Li Ka Shing Library at the Singapore Management University. Cast: Rajendra Munoo, Tamera Hanken, Yeo Pin Pin, Sumita Govindan, Tint Htoo, Vincent Ong.


institutional repository, academic publishing, journal article, original manuscript, research data, post-print, author-final version, academic libraries, open access, Singapore Management University


Scholarly Communication | Scholarly Publishing


Singapore Management University, Li Ka Shing Library.

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