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Supporting research activity is often considered one major function of university in modern times. Yet, key components involved in characterizing the research profile in any institution, such as the resource input, the types of transformation, the outputs and by products as well as the final product and service development, have changed drastically over the past years, in part, due to the dynamic global ranking of higher institutions and the increasing level of academia-industry collaboration.

Alike with most top-tier research universities in Taiwan, much of the research input in NCKU comes directly from governmental support in various forms, including the merit-based special grant, namely the “Aim for the Top University Project”. Many variables routinely adopted in the academic ranking system become naturally the first line of benchmarking criteria when assessing the performance of research activities, such as the number of highly-cited articles and the per capita output. The research input newly acquired from the industry and the size of technology transfer agreement is also a critical index in measuring the strength of research outcomes as a common practice.

Nevertheless, higher institutions in Taiwan, regardless of being private or public in nature, are expected to sustain a financial independency in the coming decades. They are also encouraged to further exemplify their own identities through distinctive teaching, research, or social engagement portfolios. Effective management of often-limited-and-highly-competitive research resource is among top concerns of university administrators. Evidence-based research trend and impact analyzed through several global-scale databases is hoped to be much better applied in guiding and managing the university research in the future.


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Assessment of University Research Effectiveness and Management

SMU Administration Building, Function Room