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3-9-2012 10:50 AM

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3-9-2012 11:20 AM



The last 10 years has seen a rise in the level of activity and debate about the issue of access to research, particularly in the context of public policy and public good aspirations. Generally referred to under the heading of "Open Access," the argument runs that since much of the world's research is publicly funded by taxpayer dollars and should be optimally available to all potential users. In the Digital Age this has lead funders, institutions and publishers to engage on open or universal access.

At the same time many countries are showing an interest in understanding the quality and impact of the research is carried out in their higher education and specific purpose research institutions. Such national research assessments are primarily conducted to provide reassurance to government and stakeholders about the merits of the activity, but there is much debate about what to measure and how to go about it as well as sometimes contradictory effects on open access.

This discussion traces these developments and advances the view that research assessment can only benefit from understanding both the impact and the assessment of quality made possible by maximum access.


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Ensuring the Quality of Research through Maximum Access

SMU Administration Building, Function Room