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The display component on mobile device has always been a main power drain compared to networking and processing components. Even with advancement in display technology such as Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) displays to help reduce this cost, the increasing display size and new mobile usage paradigm (App stores and Social networking), the display still remains as the largest power drain component. In this thesis, we describe an approach to reduce power consumption on OLED display by dimming areas of the screen that the user might not be interested in. We determine these uninteresting areas by reviewing large number applications to determine the Region-Of-Interest; this ROI is used to develop a simple dimming model that is deployed to save power. The system is designed such that power can be save without impacting the user usability, task time, as well as a small system overhead to reduce power cost and not impact over system performance. This thesis show power savings of between 23 to 34%. Our work complements existing OLED power management literature such as colour mapping approach and improves over default constant dimming approaches.


display power management, OLED, saliency, screen dimming, mobile, games

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MSc in Information Systems


Computer Sciences


Balan, Rajesh Krishna

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Singapore Management University

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