The Art and Science of Presentation

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Guy Mason, SimitriFollow


Jovina Ang

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Guy Mason delivers an excellent lecture on the art and science of presentation. Mason shares valuable advice on delivering a great and engaging presentation.

00.00 – 05.25 minutes: Connecting with your audience

05.26 – 08.25 minutes: Using pauses effectively

08.26 – 20.50 minutes: Creating engaging presentation content

20.51 – 27.00 minutes: Good and bad examples of storytelling

27.01 – 38.26 minutes: The importance of connecting emotionally

38.27 – 45.56 minutes: Structuring an effective presentation

Connecting with the audience

The most important aspect about delivering a good presentation is establishing a connection with the audience. There are several techniques to this, and Mason goes through an exhaustive list of audience engagement. He also talks about how to develop rapport with the audience – for example, by asking appropriate questions, use of gestures, and the delivery of relevant content.

Use of pauses and stories

Mason talks about one important but often neglected technique – strategic pauses. He points out that by pausing at appropriate times, it draws the audience into the presentation and engages them. This section of the lecture provides insights into understanding and utilizing strategic pauses. To further develop a connection with the audience, Mason also advises the use of engaging stories. He speaks about the use of visual language, analogies, and anecdotes to successfully excite the audience.

Presentation structure

Mason talks about the importance of presentation structure. To connect on an emotional level requires the presentation to be delivered at a steady pace. He explains the negative drawbacks of rushing, and the benefits of a deliberate structured delivery.

In summary, this is a must watch for those who wish to improve their presentation skills.


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