TATA Chemicals Brand Consolidation: Power of One?

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In July 2010, Sujit Patil, Head Corporate Communication for Mumbai-based Tata Chemicals (TCL) had to develop a company branding strategy after a series of acquisitions. TCL had acquired several of the top five producers in the soda ash business, making it a commanding player in the global industrial and commercial markets for the product. TCL had acquired the large British Producer Bruner Mond, the US leader; General Chemicals Industrial Products and Kenya based Magadi Soda, all with well-known brands and established customers. Senior management at TCL wanted to see these new companies unified under a single global brand, but that task proved easier said than done. Long-standing brands, centuries old companies and even a town named after the company in the case of Kenyan Magadi Soda. The case starts as Patil considers his next steps and whether to sustain long-standing and well-selling brands or scrap them all for a new global brand across what had become the second largest soda ash producer in the world.


Branding, Brand Unification, Brand Consolidation, Global Branding, Branding Strategy, Strategy, Post-Acquisition, Post-Acquisition Issues, Post-Integration, Post-Integration Issues


Advertising and Promotion Management | Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Marketing | Strategic Management Policy

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