Hospice Care Association: Turnaround of a healthcare non-profit organization

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This is the case of a Singapore-based non-profit organization in need of strategic turnaround. Funding changes from the Singapore government were the primary cause of HCA’s critical financial situation. Additionally, staff response to changes in operations was severe and negative. Dr Akhileswaran was thrust into a position of leadership that initially overwhelmed and surprised him, given that his expected role – and the role he had agreed to take on – was that of Medical Director. The urgent need for the organization was strategic leadership, without which it was very likely that HCA would not sustain its mission, and would have had to close its doors. That outcome would have resulted in patients not being treated in their final year of life, something Dr. Akhileswaran was not able to accept. The analysis of the situation in which HCA and Dr Akhileswaran found themselves required frameworks designed for the non-profit sector, and these are described further in the notes.

The case emphasizes the importance of mission, strategy and operational focus. Also emphasized is the leadership and change required by Dr. Akhileswaran.


Strategy, growth, turnaround


Asian Studies | Medicine and Health Sciences | Nonprofit Administration and Management | Strategic Management Policy

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Strategy and Organisation

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Health care


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Executive Education; Postgraduate; Undergraduate


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