NTUC Income’s Orange Force: Powering Forward to Innovative Paths of Customer Excellence

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In October 2011, NTUC Income, Singapore’s largest automotive insurer launched the ‘Orange Force’. This was a bold US$3.2 million initiative where a team of 30 expertly trained and distinctively attired motorcycle riders would arrive at an accident scene within minutes to assist and comfort those who had been involved in a road incident. They would then proceed to perform basic first-aid, call up the next-of-kin and/or a tow truck company, and also advise the customer on the steps to be taken to record the accident details. The initiative had received an extremely positive response, and NTUC Income recognised that what had been originally envisaged as a fraud-reduction initiative had now become a much larger offering in innovative customer service and branding. This case study would stimulate discussion on the benefits that NTUC Income has, and could further derive, from the ‘Orange Force’ initiative. Through this case, participants will be exposed to the importance of branding. They would also have an opportunity to understand why creating and maintaining brand equity is extremely important to an organization.


Branding, Brand Equity, Service Excellence, Innovative Customer Service, NTUC Income, Insurance, Automotive Insurance, Orange Force, Singapore


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