Navigauge: A disruptive innovation to measure car radio listening

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Navigauge, a start-up company that specialised in radio market research, had developed a tool that would provide high quality, accurate and location based radio market research. This new pioneering technology in radio market research was captured in a positive, albeit, reserved article in the New York Times in September of 2004. The use of this tool was in stark contrast to the industry standard in the US radio market research where a panel of listeners kept diaries on which radio programmes they had listened to each month. Navigauge had successfully completed a test of its new technology in 500 cars in the Atlanta area and was looking to expand to additional markets.

The case starts as the founders get ready to present their new business to secure a third round of badly needed venture funding. While the new technology is revolutionary they still have yet to sign up any customers. Students are challenged to take this small business and turn it into a success across the US and disrupt the car radio market research industry.


Disruptive Innovation, Technology, Marketing, Strategy, Radio


Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations | Management Information Systems | Marketing | Technology and Innovation

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Market Research

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United States

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Executive Education; Postgraduate


Singapore Management University

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