The Prysmian Group: Strategy in Asia Pacific

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Luigi Migliorini, CEO of Prysmian China, Frederic Grosse, CEO of Prysmian ASEAN and Frederick Persson, CEO of Prysmian Australia & New Zealand were discussing ways of increasing business in APAC. Prysmian is seeking to make the APAC region a second home market for the group. Previously, the APAC region had been neglected as Prysmian had concentrated on Europe. However, there are several challenges facing the management team. The tried and tested method of acquiring companies and streamlining their processes was difficult to replicate in APAC because competitors tended to be small and privately owned.

Internally, the centralised decision-making structure made Prysmian slower than its competitors in providing quotes and rolling out products. Its scattered manufacturing plants worldwide also made intercompany transactions more important. Communications over product specifications and availability had to be made in a timely manner. Additionally, the diverse nature of individual countries and industries in APAC had resulted in niche product opportunities, but made operations more difficult. Still, APAC was a growth region and future infrastructure investments would require various types of cables. The three regional leaders had to devise a strategic approach for Prysmian to grow in APAC.

Participants will learn that changing the culture of a multinational corporation is difficult but can be achieved by addressing the company's human capital in terms of talent, leadership, culture, and structure.


Strategy, customer centric, change management, leadership, culture


Asian Studies | International Business | Leadership Studies

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