Prysmian group in Asia Pacific: Implementing strategy

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The Prysmian Group is a leading global cable manufacturer based in Milan, Italy. Although dominant in Europe and other areas, it has been struggling to improve its market share in the Asia Pacific region. Its competitors are small family-owned businesses that operate within their individual countries in the region. Unable to execute its strategy practised in other regions\342\200\224of acquiring companies and streamlining their operations\342\200\224in Asia, Prysmian management decides on a business strategy of improving cooperation within business units and becoming more customer-centric. The three regional leaders in APAC, Luigi Migliorini, CEO of Prysmian China, Frederic Grosse, CEO of Prysmian ASEAN and Frederick Persson, CEO of Prysmian Australia & New Zealand had just completed a strategy meeting in the Singapore office and all understand that the key to implementing the business strategy is its human capital.\302\240

This case is targeted for participants who are interested in understanding the human capital challenges associated with implementing a business strategy for a multinational corporation. After the session, the students will be able to describe the challenges associated with change in a multi-national corporation, and determine how human capital can impact the implementation of strategy.


Transformation, customer centric, strategy implementation, change management, leadership, culture


Asian Studies | International Business | Strategic Management Policy

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