Circos: Tapping into Social Media (C)

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During the meeting with the CEO in the (B) case, Frederic Langlois, Circos.com general manager in Singapore, was asked to share his thoughts on the overall strategic direction for the company. His discussion of a single client, The Raffles Hotel, and their request, a database which linked social media analytics with the hotel’s internal database, quickly turned into a broader discussion of where the company should focus its efforts over the next five years. While the (A) and (B) cases were very specific, the (C) case gives participants a chance to plan the future for Circos as the young company sets out plans to use its limited time and investment capital wisely.


Social Media, Sentiment Analysis, Technology in Hospitality, Entrepreneurial Business Strategy


Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations | Management Information Systems | Strategic Management Policy | Technology and Innovation | Tourism and Travel

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Field Research


Social Media, Tourism and Travel

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Asia (especially Singapore and China)

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Executive Education; Postgraduate; Undergraduate


Singapore Management University

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This case is part of a 3 case series, Circos A, B and C.

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