#Coolestinterviewever: Inside the world’s first end-to-end recruitment campaign on Twitter

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This case study provides a behind the scenes view of what it took HCL technologies – one of India’s largest IT companies- to pull off the world’s first ever end to end recruitment on Twitter. It provides a background of why HCL decided to adopt this strategy, the internal hurdles they had to work through to launch the campaign as well as the external considerations that had to be built into this ground breaking recruitment campaign. The case provides an in depth look into crafting of the campaign as well as its execution. It takes the students from the point where it was a mere idea in the minds of few till the time they hired a candidate through what they called the #coolestinterviewever.

This campaign provides a rare opportunity to understand what organisations need to do as they begin their journey towards a stronger social media presence and use social media for building an employer brand and attracting the best of the Gen Y talent. The case ends with the head of talent acquisition wondering if the campaign could be replicated and if yes would it have the same impact as having it run the first time as the world’s first end to end recruitment on Twitter.

This case is ideal for a group first year MBA students in a talent management or human resources class. It can be included in topics of recruitment as well as change management. It can also be used in a class on leadership to discuss how survival in the digital age requires a new mindset of risk-taking, transparency and connectedness with current and future employees.


Talent management, recruiting, recruitment campaign, human resources, social media, leadership, employer brand, branding, Gen Y, Generation Y, Twitter


Business and Corporate Communications | Human Resources Management

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Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources

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