Leadership in the 21st Century


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Kris Levickis, who is Vice President of Oracle Systems Support Delivery for Asia Pacific & Japan, delivered an honest and candid talk about what it takes to succeed as a leader in the 21st century. Originally from Melbourne, Kris has lived and worked in 5 other cities in the world – Atlanta, London, Moscow, Singapore and Sydney.

In this honest and motivational talk, Kris shared how he was able to rise from a humble beginning as a Target “clothes hanger” to a successful corporate leader at Oracle.

The lessons he shared included:

- Leaders don’t make excuses

- No one can control your emotions except yourself

- One the best tips about leadership and managing people is to ask the right questions

- Language matters – you can gauge employee commitment by their use of “will” versus “should”

- Reflect continually to become more self aware

- You have got to trust yourself first before anyone would trust you

- It’s important to build a trust bank account with people you work with

- Be resolute about resolutions

- Integrity is paramount

- Have a superior work ethic. Hard work creates opportunities

- Have the courage to embrace change and take risks

- Preparation is key even for meetings

- Do what you are passionate about

- Focus on continuous learning – e.g., find a mentor


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