About InK

InK, INstitutional Knowledge at SMU is the institutional repository and archives of the Singapore Management University. InK acquires, organizes and provides access to the research and scholarly works of the SMU community. Collections in InK include journal articles, conference proceedings, books, book chapters, reports, working papers, and other research works including the dissertations and theses of postgraduate students and a collection of teaching cases. InK also houses the University Heritage Collection which comprises the oral history interviews from Conceptualising SMU: The People and Ideas behind the SMU Story, SMU Image Gallery, SMU annual reports and press releases.

Services for SMU Faculty

  • Research publications dissemination

    When your publications are in InK, they can be found and accessed via major search engines such as Google and Google Scholar, as well as the Library’s search engine. Full text publications in InK are also part of the Digital Commons Network which brings together open acess full-text scholarly articles from hundreds of universities and colleges worldwide.

    Faculty need to provide a copy of their research publications to the Library, in accordance to SMU's href="https://inet.smu.edu.sg/sites/facultyhandbook/Downloads/Code%20of%20Conduct/3.%20Other%20Policies/3.1.%20Intellectual%20Property.pdf and Open Access Policy. To determine which version can be deposited, check SHERPA/ROMEO or your publishing agreement.

  • Faculty Gallery

    Create a personal profile and a showcase for your publications.

  • Author Dashboard

    After depositing full text articles with InK, you will receive monthly download statistics reports via a personal author dashboard.

  • Citation Metrics

    Citation metrics to show your research impact can be provided from Web of Science and Scopus. Metrics for downloads from InK can also be provided.

    In addition, a ResearcherID can be set up for you. ResearcherID is a service provided by Clarivate Analytics that complements the Web of Science database and ensures that your publications in the Web of Science are correctly attributed to you. It also helps you track your citation metrics, your collaboration and citing networks.

    You are also encouraged to set up an ORCID.

Services for Postgraduate Students

  • Dissertations and Theses

    The dissertations and theses by SMU postgraduate students undertaking PhD and Masters by Research programmes are deposited into InK for access by SMU community and research community.

Services for InK Users

  • Users of InK can set up personal accounts to save searches and receive alerts. InK allows multiple access points by browsing or simple and advanced searching.

For any queries and help with the above, email the .